Siddur Torah Ohr, Chabad

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Siddur Torah Ohr, Chabad, only displays the text that you need to Daven now.

  • Kidush Levana.
  • Now includes a new way of displaying Me’ein Shalosh
  • Knows which Tefilah you'll need at any given time by tapping "Daven" using 3d Touch from the home screen or from the widget in the "today" view
  • The daily Tehilim is after Al Tira in Shacharis
  • Displays the relevant Kriah for every Holiday - Rosh Chodesh, Chol Hamoed, Fastday etc.
  • Only will display whats needed (i.e. Morid Hatal, Tefilin for men etc.)
  • Inserts special paragraphs (i.e. Yaaleh Veyavo, Hallel, etc.) at the correct place, and inserts special Tefilos for different times of year (i.e. Aseres Yemei Teshuva, Chol Hamoed, etc)